About Us

Our Chef and Owner

Pino, a native Indonesian, nurtured a dream deep within: to open an authentic Indonesian restaurant in the vibrant city of London

Years of hard work, perseverance, and dedication finally culminated in the realisation of his dream.After opening Pino’s Warung in Camden Market, an Indonesian market stall, the Indonesian community get together at the stall. After a few successful years especially during the pandemic, Pino was able to open Toba in February 2023. Pino’s restaurant, aptly named “Toba” after his mother’s hometown, stands as a testament to his unwavering passion for Indonesian cuisine.

The menu at Toba showcases a delightful fusion of traditional dishes, lovingly prepared using recipes passed down from his late mother. With each bite, Pino aims to transport his guests to the enchanting world of Indonesia, sharing the vibrant flavours, rich spices, and culinary heritage of his beloved homeland with the United Kingdom.

Through Toba, Pino’s mission extends beyond offering delectable dishes; he seeks to foster a cultural exchange, introducing the people of the United Kingdom to the heart and soul of Indonesian cuisine. With each plate served, Pino hopes to kindle a love for Indonesian flavours and to create lasting memories for all who step foot into his cherished restaurant, Toba.

About TOBA

Toba is an authentic Indonesian restaurant that takes you on a journey through the diverse culture of foods and flavours that represents multiple islands in Indonesia. We are a sharing concept restaurant and suggest choosing multiple dishes to share with your loved ones! All ingredients are ethically and freshly sourced to support environmental sustainability. 

Our restaurant has an array of dishes, accommodating those specifically into mouth-watering meals. Bringing that authentic Indonesian spice, expect most items to have at least a little bit of kick in terms of spicy levels! Expect to see iconic Indonesian dishes such as Beef Rendang, Nasi Goreng and Sate Ayam on our menu, alongside other Indonesian dishes such as Gulai Kambing (Tender minangkabau lamb shank curry) and more that you’re unable to find elsewhere in London.

Customers and guests will be complemented with a warm friendly ambience provided by our local Indonesian staff. The Toba team welcomes you to join us for a genuine dining experience

Our Gallery

Customers and guests will be complimented with a warm friendly ambience provided by our local Indonesian staff. The Toba team welcomes you to join us for a genuine dining experience.